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Nature to Treasure…

Plant-based Jewellery

Kind to Nature

Timeless and Breathtaking

It’s time to turn a new leaf…

Previously known as Lantau Ren, “A New Leaf” is the result and an inspiration from years of living on the beautiful island of Lantau. Being surrounded by nature ignites the endless creativity within the brand owner and designer, Shirley Johnson.

The island lifestyle not only allows Shirley to combine passion with profession.  Most importantly, she is able to incorporate purposes: to introduce sustainability and impact into her designs.  Artisans in rural Thailand help Shirley to transform her designs into reality, meanwhile using their know-how with precious metal and plants, to turn nature into treasure.  Such ethnical trade practice supports the livelihoods of minority communities and generations of families where employment is challenging.

Handcrafted by Artisans

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